RehabMan Fork of TimeWalker’s CodecCommander.kext

This repo contains a fork of TimeWalker’s original here: https://github.com/Dolnor/EAPD-Codec-Commander

The main changes are:

  • custom configuration with ACPI RMCF object.

See SSDT-ALC283.dsl for an example configuration override. The data there is the same as for the Info.plist data for ALC283. But you can customize it for your own codec if needed.

Also see SSDT-ALC668.dsl which overrides the custom commands for ALC668 to correct audio after booting Windows on some computers.

By customizing via ACPI instead of modifying Info.plist, it can make upgrades to future versions of CodecCommander easier. It also means that future profiles do not need to be added to the kext itself, since customization is handled externally.

New in version 2.6.1, CodecCommander can be used to patch pin configurations instead of patching AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext

Read the commit log for an idea on contributions from Dolnor, the-darkvoid, and RehabMan.

Download location

Downloads are available on Bitbucket:


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