Obelisk SC1怎么升级固件,方尖碑矿机如何升级系统


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Utilities/Firmware Updates

The Obelisk Scanner is used to both find Obelisks on your network, and to update them to the latest firmware version. Download and install the appropriate version for your operating system from the links below.

Please read the information in our user guide on how to Upgrade your Obelisk Firmware.

NOTE: You do not need to download any firmware files separately. The Obelisk Scanner will update all previous versions of firmware to v1.2.0.


Release Notes

  • Obelisk Scanner improvements
    • Window is now resizable and contents resize proportionally
    • Clicking the IP address of an Obelisk opens a browser to the login page
    • Display count of Obelisks found and counts of each type
    • Table header stays fixed when scrolling
    • Sort list of Obelisks by IP address
    • Bug Fix: Some fields overlapped visually when checkboxes were enabled
  • Bug Fix: When using DHCP, if the Ethernet cable was not connected when the Obelisk booted, then the unit would never obtain an IP address. You can now plug in a connection later on and it will still get an IP address from DHCP.
  • New Feature: Add support for upcoming Siacoin hard fork. No miner configuration changes are required to activate support for the fork.
  • New Feature: Allow setting a minimum fan speed. This is expected to help certain Obelisks regain some of the speed loss from the last update. Some Obelisks work better at lower temperatures, so setting this to 100% may allow those units to run faster.
  • New Feature: Hashboard Info on the Dashboard tab now shows HOT CHIP TEMP. as well as the MEASURED CHIP TEMP. The MEASURED CHIP TEMP. is based off an actual temperature sensor that is installed on each Obelisk hashboard. The HOT CHIP TEMP. is an estimate of the hottest chip on the board based on the MEASURED CHIP TEMP. plus a delta that was determined from thermal simulations.
  • New Feature: Allow setting a maximum hot chip temp. This allows you to prevent your Obelisk from running too hot. The default setting of 105C is expected to work the best for most units, but in some situations you may want to reduce this. NOTE: Reducing this may result in lower hashrates.
  • New Feature: Allow the Obelisk to be automatically rebooted after a certain period of time from 0.5 hours to 24 hours. This is a failsafe to allow an Obelisk to automatically reboot after running correctly for a certain period of time. Some users were seeing the Obelisks stop hashing to the pool or lose network connectivity after 12-24 hours. This should prevent that until the root cause of the problem is found.
  • New Feature: Allow the Obelisk to reboot if hashrate falls lower than a specified value from 100GH/s to 400GH/s.
  • New Feature: Allow the built-in genetic algorithm to be disabled (enabled by default). This should only be disabled if your Obelisk has reached a high hashrate in the past (with this v1.2.0 firmware), and is now frequently below that hashrate. The best settings are automatically saved by the genetic algorithm and will be reloaded at startup whether this feature is enabled or disabled.
  • New Feature: The watchdog.sh script, which runs automatically, now checks every 5 minutes to see if the Obelisk still has network connectivity. This is a workaround for a bug that causes the eth0 interface to sometimes go down. The root cause of this bug is still being investigated, but this should keep units online by rebooting them if network connectivity is lost.
  • New Feature: A new Diagnostics tab has been added. When viewing this tab, a series of diagnostic commands are run on the miner and the results are collected in text format. You can use the COPY TO CLIPBOARD feature to copy this information and then paste it into an email when contacting Obelisk tech support.
  • New Feature: Dashboard tab now shows some system information, even if cgminer is not yet running.
  • New Feature: Fan speed now ramps up more smoothly when hot chips are detected.
  • New Feature: Date and time are now set at startup if there is a network connection available. If no network connection is available, then date and time will not be correct.
  • Bug Fix: MAC address is now correct and does not change.
  • Bug Fix: IP address assigned by DHCP stays the same now (a result of the previous fix).
  • Bug Fix: Web UI no longer reports 503 errors or becomes inaccessible after a few minutes.
  • Bug Fix: Miner no longer restarts every 30 minutes.
  • Bug Fix: Web UI session is now extended every time you perform an action. If you stay on the Dashboard the session will remain open indefinitely, since it requests updated statistics every 5 seconds.
  • Bug Fix: Number of rejected/stale shares is reduced (DCR1 units connected to Luxor have +256 appended to the end of the WORKER string if the user has not already done so).
  • Bug Fix: Expanded support for more Siacoin pools: Luxor, Siamining, f2pool, toastpool and all forks of toastpool.
  • New Feature: Control loop now adjusts the speed of the fans dynamically. This reduces the noise level of the miner and allows the chips to reach slightly higher temperatures where they perform better.
  • New Feature: Pressing the front button briefly now sends an “IP report” or mDNS packet. The Obelisk Scanner can listen for these messages to help identify a particular Obelisk on the network.
  • New Feature: Pressing the front button for at least 10 seconds now resets all user configuration (web UI login credentials, pool config, system config and network config) and reboots the Obelisk.
  • New Feature: Hostname now appears in network mapping tools like nmap and nslookup.
  • New Feature: Obelisk model type and version number are now shown in the web UI.
  • Cosmetic: Hashrate graph was sometimes not drawn correctly (not filled in).
  • Cosmetic: Hashrate graph tooltip is now easier to read.
  • Cosmetic: Web UI page title changed from “Obelisk Customer Portal” to “Obelisk Miner”







  • 方尖碑扫描仪的改进
    • 窗口现在可以调整大小,内容按比例调整大小
    • 单击方尖碑的IP地址会打开浏览器登录页面
    • 显示找到的方尖碑的数量和每种类型的数量
    • 滚动时表标题保持固定
    • 按IP地址排列方尖碑列表
    • 错误修复:启用复选框后,某些字段会以可视方式重叠
  • 错误修复:使用DHCP时,如果在方尖碑启动时未连接以太网电缆,则设备永远不会获得IP地址。您现在可以稍后插入连接,它仍将从DHCP获取IP地址。
  • 新功能:添加对即将推出的Siacoin硬叉的支持。无需更改矿工配置即可激活对fork的支持。
  • 新功能:允许设置最低风扇速度。这有望帮助某些方尖碑从上次更新中恢复一些速度损失。有些方尖碑在较低的温度下工作得更好,因此将其设置为100%可能会使这些装置运行得更快。
  • 新功能:仪表板选项卡上的仪表板信息现在显示HOT CHIP TEMP。以及MEASURED CHIP TEMP。测量的芯片温度。基于每个Obelisk哈希板上安装的实际温度传感器。HOT CHIP TEMP。是基于MEASURED CHIP TEMP对电路板上最热芯片的估计。加上由热模拟确定的增量。
  • 新功能:允许设置最大热芯片温度。这样可以防止方尖碑运行过热。预计105C的默认设置对大多数设备来说效果最佳,但在某些情况下,您可能希望减少此设置。注意:减少此值可能会导致哈希值降低。
  • 新功能:允许方尖碑在0.5小时到24小时的一段时间后自动重启。这是一种故障保护,允许方尖碑在正常运行一段时间后自动重启。一些用户看到Obelisks停止散列到池中或在12-24小时后失去网络连接。这应该可以防止这种情况发生,直到找到问题的根本原因。
  • 新功能:如果哈希值低于100GH / s到400GH / s的指定值,则允许方尖碑重新启动。
  • 新功能:允许禁用内置遗传算法(默认情况下启用)。只有在您的方尖碑过去达到高哈希值时(使用此v1.2.0固件),才应禁用此选项,现在通常低于该哈希值。遗传算法会自动保存最佳设置,无论启用还是禁用此功能,都会在启动时重新加载。
  • 新功能:自动运行的watchdog.sh脚本现在每5分钟检查一次,以查看方尖碑是否仍具有网络连接。这是导致eth0接口有时会出现故障的错误的解决方法。此错误的根本原因仍在调查中,但如果网络连接丢失,这应该通过重新启动它们来保持联机。
  • 新功能:添加了新的“诊断”选项卡。查看此选项卡时,将在矿工上运行一系列诊断命令,并以文本格式收集结果。您可以使用“复制到剪贴板”功能复制此信息,然后在联系Obelisk技术支持时将其粘贴到电子邮件中。
  • 新功能:仪表板选项卡现在显示一些系统信息,即使cgminer尚未运行。
  • 新功能:当检测到热芯片时,风扇速度现在更加平稳。
  • 新功能:如果有可用的网络连接,则现在在启动时设置日期和时间。如果没有可用的网络连接,则日期和时间将不正确。
  • 错误修复:MAC地址现在正确且不会更改。
  • 错误修复:DHCP分配的IP地址现在保持不变(上一次修复的结果)。
  • 错误修复:Web UI不再报告503错误或几分钟后无法访问。
  • 错误修复:Miner不再每30分钟重启一次。
  • 错误修复:每次执行操作时,Web UI会话现在都会扩展。如果您留在仪表板上,会话将无限期保持打开状态,因为它每5秒请求更新一次统计信息。
  • 错误修复:拒绝/陈旧共享的数量减少(连接到Luxor的DCR1单元在工作字符串末尾附加+256,如果用户尚未这样做的话)。
  • 错误修复:扩展了对更多Siacoin池的支持:Luxor,Siamining,f2pool,toastpool和toastpool的所有分支。
  • 新功能:控制环现在可以动态调整风扇的速度。这降低了矿工的噪音水平,并使芯片在性能更好的情况下达到稍高的温度。
  • 新功能:短暂按下前按钮现在发送“IP报告”或mDNS数据包。方尖碑扫描程序可以侦听这些消息,以帮助识别网络上的特定方尖碑。
  • 新功能:按下前按钮至少10秒,现在重置所有用户配置(Web UI登录凭据,池配置,系统配置和网络配置)并重新启动方尖碑。
  • 新功能:主机名现在出现在网络映射工具中,如nmap和nslookup。
  • 新功能:方尖碑模型类型和版本号现在显示在Web UI中。
  • 化妆品:有时候未正确绘制Hashrate图表(未填写)。
  • 化妆品:Hashrate图形工具提示现在更容易阅读。
  • 化妆品:Web UI页面标题从“Obelisk Customer Portal”更改为“Obelisk Miner”


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