acpica 最新版在哪下载?官方下载

使用iasl编译器,同时反编译所有文件。要做的准备工作有,新建一个文件夹用于存放所有DSDT和SSDT文件,并重命名所有文件,例如加上 .aml 扩展名。下载最新的iasl编译器来进行反编译。这里是Rehabman的修改版编译器,把iasl编译器拷贝到/usr/bin目录,会让调用iasl更方便。

Fork of Intel’s iasl for use in OS X

Originally, this fork was only to have the changes required in order to rebuild Intel’s version of iasl using the development tools provided by Xcode in OS X. By making the few changes required, it was possible to keep this fork up-to-date with Intel’s github repo (

At this point, it has several changes that make it easier to deal with the process of patching OEM ACPI files. A number of errors have been changed to warnings and a few disassembler features have been turned off such that the output doesn’t confuse the MaciASL parser. Those changes are detailed later in this document.


Downloads of the built binary are kept on bitbucket:


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